Lunch and Dinner Menu

Odyssey Gastropub

Lunch and Dinner Menu

Odyssey favorites – weekend delights from near and far.

Saturday and Sunday Brunch beginning at 9:00AM is a favorite of many in our Odyssey community. We roll out special brunch offerings like our Bacon Sampler – yep, it’s bacon and favorites like everyone’s secret indulgence, Biscuits & Gravy. Of course, what would Brunch be without Mimosas for all? Our exclusive brunch special.

Lunch and Dinner
Odyssey grabs hold of Gastropub status right here with our Lunch and Dinner fare.

Happy Hour
Happy Hour is from 4p to 6p. Not sure how that extra hour got in there, but…

Sandwiches & Burgers side options: 

Fries, Waffle Fries, Cole Slaw, Street Corn, Chicharrones or Grilled Squash Medley (Add $1)

Sub Salad or Brussels: $2 / Add Bacon: $2 / Make it a Wrap: 50¢